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What Is A Class (and why to avoid static methods)

There are many debates in software development, from how to test, to languages, to frameworks, and everything under the sun. Despite my oblivion to the technical details of many of these debates, what I’ve seen is that many of them hover around the lofty heights of roof trusses without understanding the subterranean foundations that build the houses they are comparing (wow, that was poetic: +1500 hipster points). In my short software development career thus far, I have been introduced to 2 paradigms of software development: procedural and object-oriented. And…

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Interface Segregation and Objective C Delegates

The fourth principle of the SOLID principles is the Interface Segregation Principle. According to Wikipedia, the authority on most truth, this principle states that “no client should be forced to depend on methods it does not use”. This principle can help in cleaner and more intuitive designs of protocols and delegates.Most Objective C introductory tutorials introduce developers to the idea of delegates. For example, if you have a table view controller and table view cells, the table view cells can send messages to the table view controller using a…

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